About Promotion Concept

TJH Promotions Oy

TJH Promotions Ltd is a family-owned import and wholesale company in Finland. The company was established in 2009. The owner of the company has more than 15 years experience of Far-East importing.

Promotion Concept

We aim to establish constantly developing partnerships with our customers. Our team consists of experts in the areas of purchasing, design, import and sales.

Our mission and vision

We will find the best retail private label products and promotional products for our customer's needs. Our goal is to be the market leader of sales promotion business in Finland.

Promotion Concept - sales promotion in Finland

Good quality, ecological and certified promotion products!

Our experience, expertise and versatility enable us to serve our customers in the best possible way. We believe that an open dialogue is a key factor for the reliable and responsible operations within our own company as well as with our customers and suppliers. We ensure the quality and the safety of our products for our customers. The quality of our products is carefully controlled by the external inspectors of goods. The safety of our materials is guaranteed by SGS’s independent testing facilities.